"First of all thanks very much for the opportunity to learn. Makes me grow as a person. Made each one of us believe that all success is truly possible"

Ben Tan

"It’s been a really amazing journey. It’s really inspiring for people"

M. Teo

"I Just wanted to thank you for all the oppurtunities you have given, I have learnt a lot"



We will share with you how you can grow in this career and be a leading world-class Safety Expert. We will groom you to reach your full potential.

Exam tips

In order to have you achieving your financial goals in your career, you need to pass your safety exams. Whether locally or internationally, we provide you with the right exam tips to enable you to move up the career ladder.

Career Guidance

Where are the hot jobs now and how can you get them? We let you know how you need to prepare for the jobs that pay you over USD100,000!.

Email learning cycle

As a coach, I never leave my players - I am always there. From the webinars, online group coaching sessions and email trainings, you will receive up-to-date information to help you achieve your dreams.

New Class of Experts

My goal is to help you achieve your dream. Only 10% of the people on earth achieve their dream. We want to ensure that you are one of them. Even after you have achieved your goals with us, we will continue to share tips and information on how you can get further in life.

Solutions at Work

We are always available to help you look good at work. We provide you with quick and easy solutions to overcome obstacles at work and make you stand out.

The million $ question

to success or failure in your international safety career.

Do you want to earn 10X your current salary?There are Construction Safety Personnel earning USD$200-$300 ($6000 a month!)

Do you want to achieve your full potential and beyond?There are FPSO and Oil Rig Safety Personnel earning USD$500-700 per day ($21,000 a month!!)

Do you want a bigger and better career that can lead to a potential business for you?There are Safety Advisors and managers earning USD$1000 per day ($30,000 a month!!!)

Do you want to be a millionaire safety expert flying around the world giving advice?There are Normal Safety trainers earning USD$400 per day ($12,000 a month!)

Do you want to learn and be mentored by the most successful safety person in this Industry?There are Expert trainers earning $2000 per day, living in 5star hotels and traveling business class ($40,000 working 20 days a month!!!!!)


Learn something new


What is The Safety Experts Academy?

The Safety Experts Academy is the world’ most successful and comprehensive training road map for people in the safety industry.
We have trained more safety experts and safety trainers than any other organisation in the world.
Our ambition is to help you achieve your dream. Only a select few people in the world achieve their dreams and we want to ensure that you will be one of them.


What is the salary of a Safety Professional

Safety Professionals can earn anywhere between $5000 per month to $2000 per day. It all depends on what they know and how they can market themselves. We can teach you both.


What are the charges of a Master Safety Facilitator

Some of these Master Facilitators charge clients in excess of $20,000 for a day’s work!


Are we selling NEBOSH?

No, we do not sell NEBOSH. The Safety Experts Academy is not a NEBOSH training centre. We want you to know that NEBOSH is one of the qualifications that you need to get ahead in the safety industry. It is not the best nor it is the most comprehensive method of assessment. Nonetheless, NEBOSH qualifications are widely known to people in the safety industry.


Are we selling OGSC?

No, we do not sell OGSC either. We are not an OGSC training centre. OGSC is also one of the qualifications that you need in order to advance in the safety industry. OGSC is a recognised by people in the safety industry as well.